Easily monitor your students’ progress.
Increase parents satisfaction.

Any classroom. Any device. Proudly made in Singapore.

We empower educators through technology.

Hassle-free updates

Easily send notices, attendance and progress updates to parents after every class.

Message parents directly

Communicate directly with parents in real-time, just like WhatsApp but even better.

Track & Monitor Progress

All your students’ attendance, behaviour and assignments neatly organized by classes.

Encourage students and engage parents.

Send notices. Manage classes. Mark attendance. Message parents. Track students’ progress.

Works in any classroom. Any device.

Send important notices straight to the palms of concerned parents!

Mark attendance and provide progress updates within minutes.

Engage parents directly with their child’s progress in class.

Make a positive difference for your students today!

Any classroom. Any device. Proudly made in Singapore.